Literature-hard coner

Literature-in-english as a art student we face some challenges just as the other department also face challenges but it differs cause all fingers are not equal i will be touching some area of concetration here today but not all keep updated for more here in studentnaira first let talk about drama
Drama is a performative branch of literature whose core is pure action; it depend on dialouge or monolouge and involve a lot of creative activities more than geners of literature drama imitate real life action,bringing to the stage human conditions.

Literature-Types Of Drama

1- Comedy

Comedy is a type of drama in the form of act that auroses laughter
Tragedy fear and pity called *Pathos* which will after undergo cathersis(is a purgationof emotion)
Tragi-comedy is a type of comedy that sometimes start on a sad and scary note but do make one laugh unlike tragedy
We will stop here for today lecture till tomorrow keep update by this site that gives you free education feel free to comment your questions

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