Photography Basic

First what is photography:Photography can be defined as a means of communication that needs no human interpretation about a particular event.
Photography is process of bringing to visibility an image through the help light.
Introduction to photography
Photography is a word derive from the greek words


*photo* which means light and
*graphetin* which to means to draw
The word was first used by the scientist Sir John five Herschell in is method of recording image by the adaption of light or related radiation on a sensitive material.
The birth of photography
Louis Danguerre was the first inventor of the first pratical process of photography in 1829, he form a partner with Joseph Niephore Niepce to improve the Niepce has developed.Joseph Niephore Niepce made the first photography image with a camera of obscura on a summer day in 1827.In 1839,after several years of experimentation and Niepce died then Danguerre developed a more convenient and named it after himself Danguerrotype.

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