How To Pass JAMB 2020/2021 Examination[Score 350+] Guide

How to pass Jamb 2020/2021 Examination-  are you looking for a guide on how to pass jamb 2020/2021 examination and score 350+, then you’re lucky to be here cause this article contains the full guide on how to pass jamb 2020/2021 and score 350 and above without involving in examination malpractice.

As you might have known, Education is the bedrock of every society; if you claim education is
expensive then try ignorance and testify which is expensive. Many
persons are living in ignorance yet don’t know they do. For any
societal development to stand the test of time, education must be it
founding principle. If the government refuses to provide quality
education for its citizenry then she should invest in prison service
and cemetary because crime and death rates would graciously increase.

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The Nigerian government has been dominated by instability since
declaring her independence and as a result, a unified set of education
policies has not yet been successfully implemented. Regional
differences in quality, curriculum and funding characterize the
education system in Nigeria. Currently, Nigeria possess the largest
population of out of school youth in the world, this rate is most
likely to double in no time because Nigeria youths ply the route to
tertiary institutions without clear defined purpose for their life
thus unable to finish educational pursuit.

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How To Pass Jamb 2020/2021 Examination

1. Ambition

Quite unfortunate, a very large amount of Nigeria youth don’t have a
defined AMBITION. All issues to be dealt with in this pamphlet are
merely eye-opener to its readers. All courses offered in the Nigerian
universities, polytechnics, monotechnics are just launch pads to our
place of fulfillment in life and destiny.

Nigerian’s education system is in the form 6-3-3-4 or 9-3-4, its
implies that every Nigerian child is to go through 6_years of primary
education, 3_years of post primary education, 3_years of secondary
education and a minimum of 4_years tertiary education. All stages in
this educational structure is important and necessary but the most
important is the 3-4 stages, important because no one can build a
successful life without it. Its at the 4-stage that your destiny and
field of professionalism is sharpened; at the 3-stage, the foundation
of the succeeding stage is laid. If this foundation is poorly laid,
your life would sooner or later be shattered. In Nigeria today,
unemployment and economy recession is the order of our day, WHY?, it
would be best to answer thus; “the leaders of tomorrow are making
wrong choices and above all they are building on poorly built
foundation. The problems in our economy would continue if the
government and citizen don’t rise up to stop this worm eating us up.
Private organizations in times of economy recession lay off some it’s
staff with reasons like “no fund to cater for their welfare”, these
laid off staffs are left to their fate, some losing something
important and some losing all they had with no hope of restoration.
These must stop!!

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2. Don’t Fear

Every year, hundred of thousands of student seek acceptance to several
tertiary institutions in Nigeria and just a handful of these students
are being admitted. Every year, undergraduates are being withdrawn
from colleges on ground of academic failures, lack of finances,
absence of enthusiasm etc.. Some undergraduates get themselves
involved in examination malpractice and other vices just to scale
through their semester examinations.

All these and many more are the problems the education sector in
Nigeria is posed with, some problems are from the governance of
different sectors related to the educational system and a larger parts
of these problems are on the part of the students and tutors, this
pamphlet is suggesting possible solutions to these problems on the
parts of the students.

From the day EDUCATION stepped its feet on our Nigerian soil, our
parents are very much interested in we being educated, this we
appreciate but our parent failed to encourage our passion in
extra-curricular activity which accompanied education, this in turn
has cheated students and limited our mindset and capacities. The
3-stage of our educational system was supposed to be an improvement in
our foundation laying process in all things but the preceding
foundation stage is faulty, partially because our parents limited our
mindset and thus we have difficulty in choosing our paths in life. At
the secondary level, there are three paths namely; Science &
mathematics (sciences), Art and humanities (arts) and Business studies
(commerce). Majority of our Nigerian youths get to these cross-road
and make mistakes which has, is and will affect their life in the
nearest future. How do we train leaders who are not properly guided to
making decisions and executing these decisions?.

Some youths would allow friends mislead them, some fear the unknown,
some are low self esteemed, some are confused just to mention afew. In
our high schools, you see students are like “I dislike calculations”,
“I dislike reading long literary texts”, “how can I keep/account for
monies not mine?”, “how would I solve problems based on someone’s
findings?”, these and many more comments or questions are readily
found at that cross-road in academics.

A great scholar once said “the enemy of knowledge is not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge”, stop believing you know it all rather read and train yourself and your spirit more.

Enclosed herein are lists of some courses being offered at the
undergraduate level of various colleges/tertiary institutions in
Nigeria. Be honest with yourself how many are you discovering this

Mathematics and statistics or statistics
Sociology and anthropology
Urban and regional planning
Quantity surveying
Building technology
Architectural technology
Estate management
Surveying and geo-informatics
Library science and information technology
Leisure and tourism management
Local government studies
Secretarial studies or office technology & management
Food science and technology
Medical laboratory technology
Science laboratory technology
Hospitality management or hotel and catering management
Foundry engineering technology
Metallurgical and material engineering technology
Plant biology
Aquaculture and terrestrial life
Guidance and counseling
Geography etc.

3. Have Focus

This is another important point on how to pass jamb 2020/2021 examination with ease;

I don’t get surprised when SSCE students say “I dont know what course
of study to opt-in for”, this list is meant to open your eyes to some
courses of study you probably don’t know ever existed. Stop parading
yourself with all confidence “I want to study so-so-so” because when
you’re done with this piece I bet you would brainstorm deep enough to
change your mind.

How to pass all examination with ease, and score excellent score.

4.Be Accountable

To pass jamb 2020/2021, the choice you make at the crossroads of education would always be
there at a corner watching and waiting for a perfect time to come back
to hurt or soothe you; which probably would account for why God’s
angels are depriving you of entry so as to save you from shame and
heart breaks, thereby preventing you from starting afresh from the
scratch when you ought to be at the peak of your career, never you get
angry at how many times you’ve tried and failed in your admission
seeking process. Your choice(s) at the crossroad would determine your
position tomorrow. Your choices today would feed your tomorrow. A
carelessly taken step would hunt after you. That best friend(s) of
yours today would not be your best forever so be wise with their
involvement in your decision making process. Never let your parents
make decisions for you instead let them monitor the process because
they wouldn’t be with you all the days of your life. Wasted years
can’t be recovered so make and take wise decisions. You can’t make
wise decisions with an unwisely/poorly motivated mindset so read
educative materials. You can’t make or take decisions beyond the
boundaries of your boss, to be successful in life first choose your
boss; I would advise you choose God the father of Jesus Christ as your
boss and not mobiles, riches, friends, mentors, parents, etc.

Yes! This is our guide on how to pass jamb 2020/2021 examination and score 350+ .

You will be surprised after following this guide that this is WOTH no doubt the best guide of how to pass jamb 2020/2021 examination without engaging in examination malpractice. 

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